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  • Table Tennis Flooring
  1. Lateral friction force on the floor
  2. Double density “closed-cell foam tech” provides good shock absorption, and good underfoot comfort.
  • Glaze+ Surface Treatment
  • DW tech Fibreglass grid
  • Double density "closed-cell” foam backing (HD tech)


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SU5.0 Specification: 5.0mmx1.8mx20m

SU5.0B Specification: 5.0mmx1.8mx20m

SU5.0P Specification: 5.0mmx1.8mx20m

Eco-friendly indoor sports flooring



100% Organic Pigment
Free of Heavy Metal
Free of Solvent
Free of Formaldehyde
Free of substance potentially subject to REACH restrictions


TVOC emission 100 times lower than norm requirements( TVOC <10μg/m3 after 28 days) with no harm to players and largely reduce the risk of asthma and other allergies.


100% recyclable product


Protection & safety

The protection and safety are the major properties of the sports floors. Shock absorption minimizes the force of impact on the body and reduces the immediate injury risks and the long term injury risks to the users when they playing on the floor. With a complete range of shock absorption P1/P2/P3, Boker provide the right solution and the best safety for users.


High levels of performance

Four core techs to offer you the highest levels of performance.

GS tech: Our patent surface treatment, solved the shoes mark problem, making the flooring easy to clean and maintain, largely reduced the maintenance cost.

DW tech: The reinforced unwoven polyester mesh, matched the super tenacity unwoven glass fiber layer, makes the flooring very stable on size, and the size changing rate under 0.1%, no shrinking.

HD tech: The low foaming rate of 2.2-2.5, make the flooring with best shock absorption, which is much higher than other brands based on same thickness.

AM Tech: The hexagon designed of backing, with strong grip force prevent the flooring moving.


Certified-Quality assurance

Our products are strictly meet EN 14904 standards which draw attention to the necessity of installing safe, comfortable floor that reduce the risk of injuries. And our products are approved by ITF, ITTF, BWF and it is the first and only manufacturer in China who got the Floorscore certificate, which is the top standard of indoor air quality test.

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