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Vibration Damping Sports Flooring

Vibration Damping Sports Flooring will withstand the harshest conditions where the floor needs to be protected from heavy traffic areas. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is designed to be more durable than traditional granular sports flooring. Designed for heavy-duty and commercial applications. Fiber-reinforced, vegan rubber layers are bonded underneath.

Recommended for:

Weight and fitness rooms; commercial and residential gyms; golf and country clubs; trade show booths; workshops, garages, storage rooms; ice parks, ski resorts; retail environments; entrances, decks, patios and balconies; boats; hockey/skating rinks; pet facilities.

Vibration Damping Sports Flooring Features

If you're jumping around between two different gyms, there's a good chance that there will be a noticeable difference in sound quality between them. One is better damped than the other, and the better damped one usually works better.

Controlling vibration is the key to good damping. When someone drops something heavy, it hits the floor and causes energy transfer. It goes out of control and its energy sends out vibrations. That's why in some gyms you can feel when someone drops something heavy even if you're on the other side of the room.

Controlling vibrations

Floor vibrations occur when a part of the floor is not sufficiently vibration-proof. Falling dumbbells are a common cause of gym floor vibration. Of course, some vibration is normal. This is the excessive vibration that we want to control.

The way to control gym floor vibration is to design the floor in layers. At a minimum, there must be two layers of insulation so that the top surface (usually a rubber tile or rubber mat) is not in direct contact with the floor.

Some of today's rubber flooring systems contain medium to high density rubber granules that provide an all-in-one solution, but rubber mats are still needed to protect the floor from impact and to absorb more energy.

Floor Thickness

Floor thickness plays an important role in the acoustic quality of a gym, as the thicker the floor, the more energy and vibration it can absorb.

For free weight areas and bench areas with weight plates, we recommend 40mm rubber floor tiles and 10mm padding/cushioning. You may also need subflooring or boarding boards to protect the subfloor and spread it evenly.

Powerlifting and hard pulling areas require a thicker floor. We typically recommend 80 mm thick impact protection plates for these areas. These are installed on top of the padding in place of the normal 40 mm tiles.

Vibration Damping Sports Flooring

Established in 2003, Hebei Boker New Material Tech Co. is a professional vinyl sports flooring manufacturer, concentrating on designing, manufacturing, marketing the innovative, decorative and complete solutions for indoor sports flooring.

There are production areas with 20,000 square meters and warehouse with 10,000 square meters. We own various of sub-brands, widely used in sports courts, gyms, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, etc..

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