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Low Price Sports Flooring

We are proud to offer our technical assistance services to ensure you not only choose the right solution, but also get the right price for your school or sports facility.

If you need to modify court markings to accommodate a rule change, such as a basketball rule change, we offer solutions that include partial cleaning and painting of the specific areas where we will apply the new lines, as well as complete sanding and resealing (wood only flooring) to bring your entire floor back to new condition with a full set of new lines.

If we are modifying line markings, we will "paint out" the old markings as necessary. Regardless of the type of surface, we will work with you to choose a color that closely matches your existing flooring. If it is not invisible, it will be a very good match.

In addition to line marking, we also offer custom court painting, such as marking borders around the main court, filling in keys or center circles on the court, and hand painting school or club logos on your floor to completely transform and personalize your court.

The process of installing gym line markers varies from contract to contract depending on a variety of factors. Measuring the many courts is by far one of the most challenging aspects due to the specialized skills involved. If the line markings are not correct, this can affect your venue's ability to host events.

Prior to installing the stadium line markers, we require initial confirmation of the client's requirements for the individual pitches and discuss any updated pitch regulations set by Sport and the governing bodies of Sport England.

The design layout of the individual stadium line markers must be carefully planned so that they are not too close together or overlap each other.

Low Price Sports Flooring

Suitable for gymnasiums, gyms, fitness rooms, game and play areas and school halls

Cost-effective, quick and easy to install - can be used for concrete and wood subfloors

No structural subfloor preparation required, which means no mess or wet deals

Easy laser leveling on site: bracket and base packer system quickly eliminates subfloor height variations or resolves uneven surfaces

Suitable for new construction and renovation projects

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