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How to Install the PVC Sports Flooring by Using Tapes?

Apr. 10, 2022

How to Install the PVC Sports Flooring by Using Tapes?cid=3


A. The ground must be do waterproof. If it is a new built venue, or new doing self leveling treatment, then the installation only be done after the ground dry. For new built venue, the ground should wait at least 3-6 months before doing the installation of flooring.

B. All ground should be level, dry, no cracks, no sands and dust. Including concrete,ceramic tiles, wood floor... if there is cracks or not level, then you must fill and level up by gypsum powder or putty powder.


A. Turn over one of the unfolded and aligned floor by one third from one of the commissures in the middle.

B. Put the self-adhesive tape under the lifted floor and press one half of the tape.

C. Put back the lifted floor and press the other half of the tape.

D. Pull out the cover paper by either end of the tape from the commissure.

E. Tread down the commissure and then the floor is applicable. This should be carried out from the middle to the side.

F. Grooving: Should be test grooving and welding on one small pc of flooring firstly. Make sure the groove depth is about 1/2 thickness of flooring, grooving the same width on both edges of two rolls. 

G. Welding: Make sure the temperature is set to 8.5-9.5 marking, almost reach 850- 900 degree centigrade. Then pull the welding gun to welding the rod with flooring together. Using the moon blade knife cut the ledge of welding rod to make sure the flooring surface smooth.

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