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What Flooring is Needed for An Indoor Badminton Court?

Mar. 10, 2023

Players' frequency and age group influence the indoor badminton court flooring elements. Wood, rubber, solid material, portable, and polyvinyl chloride are the most popular forms of flooring.

Badminton sports vinyl flooring


Wooden Badminton Court Flooring:


Wooden flooring has a unique capacity to absorb pressure while being kind to the body. As a result, it provides an excellent playing surface. We typically find this style in advanced sports halls. Local sports federations endorse and also suggest wooden floors.


In addition, Para-badminton players prefer wooden flooring to survive the marks left by wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Thus, players enjoy greater mobility, and management rules can not constrain them.


Rubber Flooring/Mat:


You can use rubber mats to cover the flooring of an indoor badminton court. These floorings include a cushioned natural rubber surface, making them ideal for various activities. Rubber flooring is also relatively easy to maintain and provides enough shock absorption.


Solid flooring:


Solid flooring, such as concrete, screed, or composition floors, can still be seen in older halls. However, this type of flooring is NOT suitable for badminton, as the surface is excessively stiff and can cause injury. In addition, cement courts lack traction and are prone to dust accumulation, which can cause injuries.


However, we can enhance these traditional flooring by putting laminated timber planks over rubber strips or a cushioned sheet material over the existing hard surface.


Synthetic Floors:


A synthetic-floored badminton court is the most popular and well-suited for large-scale events and tournaments such as the Olympics.


Apart from their materials, synthetic floor courts typically have two critical defining qualities: friction coefficient and the mat's thickness. The artificial mat's texture comes in second. There are three types of synthetic surfaces available on the market. However, the vinyl flooring sheet remains the best.


Vinyl Flooring Sheet:

Boker badminton sports vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring is inexpensive when compared to wood or rubber flooring. It is also a versatile and practical choice as it can be installed in any area, even outdoors. Vinyl flooring is ideal for badminton courts because of its water-resistance properties.


This type of flooring comes in different colors and designs that mimic other materials such as wood or stone. As a result, you can use vinyl to simulate a wooden court.


Vinyl flooring is also known for its quick and straightforward installation process. Vinyl badminton courts can be installed with or without glue, depending on the vinyl sheet you choose. In addition, this flooring needs little maintenance as it has high durability and is resistant to scratches and dents.


Ideal for badminton courts, Boker badminton sports vinyl flooring is available in ready to go, easy to install, reduce maintenance cost and provide the best safety for users. Contact us for a free quote!

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